Hacker Steals Money from Bank, Sends It as Bitcoin to Anti-ISIS Syrian Provence

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Phineas Fisher, also famous as Hack Back, a hacker who breached Hacking Team final summer, suggested on Reddit yesterday that he hacked a bank and donated a income to a Rojava unconstrained Syrian province, done adult especially of Syrian and Turkish adults of Kurdish descent.

The hacker declined to name a bank he hacked though suggested that all a income he stole was donated to a CoopFunding debate set adult by Rojava locals seeking supports for a plan that collects animal and tellurian rubbish and transforms it to healthy fertilizer.

Rojava, a segment done adult of 3 cantons in Northern Syria, is situated between ISIS territories and a Turkish border. The residents, sleepy of a persisting religion-fueled fight in Syria, combined an unconstrained state where leisure of sacrament and sex equivalence is a norm.

Phineas Fisher proves again he’s some-more hacktivist than hacker

The segment is in apocalyptic need of help, with ISIS restraint off their entrance to trade in a south, and with Turkey enforcing another besiege in a north. Turkey fears that a Kurdish segment in northern Syria competence hint a rebel of the Kurdish minority, who competence take a punch out of Turkey’s territories

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