Hackers behind Fake Windows 10 Update Seek Bitcoin Ransom

The words “ransom” and “Bitcoin” appear to be complimenting each other once again.

According to Cisco’s security expert Nick Biasini, a fake Windows 10 update is currently at large that secretly installs an aggressive malware into the target computers. And similar to what we all have noticed in many earlier reports, this malware can only be tackled by seeking the help of very persons that bombed it — the cybercriminals. The role of Bitcoin comes right there, for it fulfills the hacker’s objectives to obtain ransom from the victim, without losing his anonymity before the legal authorities.

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“Microsoft released Windows 10 earlier this week (July 29) and it will be available as a free upgrade to users who are currently using Windows 7 or Windows 8,” Biasini informed via his blogpost.

“This threat actor is impersonating Microsoft in an attempt to exploit their user base for monetary gain. The fact that users have to virtually wait in line to receive this update, makes them even more likely to fall victim to this campaign.”

The malware is sent by an email, with a message that seems to be plagiarized from Microsoft’s original text. The email also carried an attached file that the hacker refers as a mean to update the operating system. If the user clicks on this file, he automatically enables the malware to get hold of his computer, decrypting each file in it. This malware further prompts the victim to pay a certain Bitcoin ransom to resume the system back to normal.

Earlier, some police departments in the US, and other organizations and individuals have reported similar attacks on their systems, followed by a Bitcoin ransom. In wake of their rising rates, Kaspersky Labs have also released a new tool to protect person files from being locked by ransom-seeking malware.


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