Hackers demand $500 in bitcoin after encrypting Kensington Wine Market …

A Calgary liquor store paid a ransom this week to regain access to its computers after hackers infected its database with a virus — and even got an unofficial receipt thanking it for its involuntary “purchase.”

The Kensington Wine Market’s database was attacked with ransomware — a type of malware.

“It doesn’t take your data, it doesn’t steal it, but it locks it so that you can’t use it,” said owner Andrew Ferguson. 

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson says he didn’t report the incident to police because he didn’t want to be told not to pay the hackers. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

“Whoever has done this is going to hold it for ransom to try to get a quick buck out of you to get it back.”

The hackers demanded $500 in bitcoin — a form of digital currency.

“Our I.T. guy had to go out for us and purchase bitcoins in order to pay what these guys are demanding,” said Ferguson, who speculates they wanted the virtual money as it’s more difficult to trace.

Ransom note

Hackers demanded

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