Hackers Hit a Gold Mine with Ashley Madison Files

Hacked information from Ashley Madison was used to blackmail many users. The exact amount extorted from the victims of Ashley Madison data breach is not yet known.

Almost all tech savvy people with a habit of following news and current affairs now know Ashley Madison. Speaking of current affairs, Ashley Madison is supposed to be the go-to place for those in committed relationship and looking for an affair or a fling or whatever name you want to call it by.

Part of Avid Life Media, Ashley Madison is an online dating platform for those who are already in a committed relationship. A hacker group, calling themselves Impact Team had hacked the platform in July and stolen all sensitive information including user data. The data stolen by these hackers allegedly included personal information of the platform users including their address, credit card information, their sexual fantasies and other intimate details. Even internal and corporate communications were part of the stolen data.

Impact Team decided to make all the stolen data public and published over 25GB of data on internet, allowing public access. Blackmailers decided to make use of this opportunity to benefit from private, damaging information that was freely available

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