Hacking Team hacker steals €10K in Bitcoin, sends it to Kurdish anticapitalists in Rojava

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The hacker who claimed shortcoming for both a Gamma Group and Hacking Team breaches has struck again, this time promulgation €10,000 (about £8,000) of allegedly stolen Bitcoin to Rojava, an unconstrained segment in northern Syria that they described as “one of a many moving insubordinate projects in a universe today.”

The hacker, who goes by a pseudonyms “Phineas Phisher,” “Hack Back!” and “@GammaGroupPR,” declined to name a victims of a heist, observant he’d “rather not yet, given there’s hopefully a few orders of bulk some-more on a way.”

If true, Rojava could shortly be a customer of a cold million in Bitcoin.

Considered by beside Turkey as a breakwater for a PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a organisation designated by a US State Department as a “terrorist organisation” that seeks to emanate an eccentric Kurdish homeland, Rojava is not, on closer inspection, that easy to pigeonhole.

An in-depth investigation by The New York Times final year

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