Hacktivists claim ISIS terrorists linked to Paris attacks had bitcoin funding

During Dateline coverage after the terrorist attacks on Paris, Lestor Holt asked, “Does this change the game in terms of intelligence?”

Andrea Mitchell replied, “It does,” before discussing how intelligence missed any type of communication regarding the coordinated attacks. She added, “There’s such good surveillance on cell phones and there’s such good communications ability by the intelligence gathering in Europe, especially in France, especially in Great Britain and in the United States. So they may have been communicating via social media or through codes. And that’s the kind of thing that is very concerning to U.S. intelligence.”

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, France passed an “intrusive” surveillance bill, granting the government the power “to wiretap communications, install secret surveillance cameras and sweep up metadata.” That didn’t stop the horrific attacks on Paris, aka “Paris’ 9/11,” and more ubiquitous and invasive surveillance is not the answer. Matthew Williams, a researcher of computational criminology at Cardiff University in Wales, told Mic that “picking out singular acts of crime or terror from an indiscriminate pile of civilian noise is all but impossible.”

Ghost Security Group detected indicators of attack on Paris

Even with all

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