Half The Population in The Netherlands Remains Vulnerable To Ransomware Attacks

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Research by Alert Online goes to show the majority of Dutch Internet users are not prepared for future cyber attacks. In fact, the community knows far too little about the dangers lurking around every corner. Nor do they know how to sufficiently protect their devices and systems against ransomware, malware, and phishing attempts.

Alert Online is an initiative created to promote cyber security in The Netherlands. Similarly to any country where the majority of residents are connected to the internet, there are plenty of people who are not keeping tabs on security matters. The Cybersecurity Skills and Awareness In The Netherlands 2016 report paints a very worrisome picture in this regard.

The Netherlands Needs Cyber Threat Education

To be more precise, over half of the respondents indicated they had never heard of ransomware before. This is quite surprising, as this type of malware has been making headline news for months on end now. While it is understandable, not everyone knows everything going on in the security world, topics like these should be well-known among general users.

This is why the Alert Online campaign was created in the first place, as there is

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