HaoBTC Expands Bitcoin Service Offering With A New Mining Pool

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A new mining pool has non-stop a doors to a public. Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts know a HaoBTC name for their sell and wallet service, essentially targeting Chinese users. However, a association also runs a mining pool, that was launched in Jun of 2016. Now that all has been entirely tested, Bitcoin miners have another choice to cave cryptocurrency.

The HaoBTC Mining Pool Is Open For Business

Decentralization and placement are essential in a universe of cryptocurrency. Especially where a mining stage is concerned, carrying some-more choice is never a bad thing. It is good to see additional mining pools come to a scene, as some-more placement of a network hashrate is never a bad thing by any means.

HaoBTC has been around given 2014, despite they never focused most on a mining stage until Jun of 2016. The infancy of Bitcoin mining energy is already forked towards Chinese mining pools. This new choice offering by haoBTC will usually put some-more control in Chinese hands, despite it might pull divided some hashpower from other determined pools.

It creates clarity to see a association offer a mining choice subsequent to their Bitcoin wallet and sell services.

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