HaoBTC Plays Cupid with the One Who Popped the Question on Blockchain

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Imagine etching the marriage proposal to the girl/guy of your dreams permanently on the Bitcoin blockchain. If you want to be the first one to try it out, we apologize, for someone beat you to it. According to reports, somebody by the name Sun Chun Yu popped the question on the blockchain a couple of days ago. Thankfully, the attempt didn’t go waste as the response received was a YES!.

Bitcoin is going to give De Beers a run for its money. The well-known phrase – “A Diamond is Forever” used by the diamonds company in its most successful ad campaign back in the day is now endangered as the Bitcoin blockchain has now become the new diamond. It is now a common knowledge that the information recorded on the blockchain is permanent, thanks to the immutable property of the distributed ledger, originally created to keep a record of all the transactions happening over the Bitcoin network.

Love-struck couples have been constantly finding crazy ways to ‘immortalize’ their love and diamonds aren’t one among those at the moment. The proposal over Bitcoin network was mined by the Chinese Bitcoin mining company, HaoBTC. While there are speculations about whether the whole thing

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