Harborly Launches in the United States


Harborly Bitcoin United States

The Harborly team has been working tirelessly and is thrilled to announce the launch of our Bitcoin purchase and sale services in the United States. Immediately, our proprietary sourcing and trading technologies will enable us to offer prices that are highly competitive when compared to existing solutions. Additionally, we are also excited to announce that we will soon offer “Locked Wallets” globally and give users the ability to lock the price of their Bitcoin to various fiat currencies, including U.S. Dollars. While some of our users look to actively trade Bitcoin and profit from price fluctuations, our Locked Wallets are intended to cater to those who simply want to buy, accept and/or use Bitcoin without worrying about volatility. Harborly is expected to be the first service in the U.S. offering both Bitcoin buying/selling and locking services.

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