Hard Fork Question Divides Developers during Scaling Bitcoin Day 2

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Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong returned for day dual today, with presentations showcasing a extent of ideas for how bitcoin’s transaction estimate ability can be softened and a speed during that some have combined into skeleton of action.

Audience unrestrained was some-more conspicuous early in a day as proposals for longstanding ideas such as remuneration channels around a Lightning Network were demonstrated with renewed clarity, while developer Pieter Wuille wowed with segregated witness – a offer for scaling a bitcoin blockchain but requiring a tough fork.

A change to a bitcoin custom that is not retrograde compatible, a tough flare has emerged as a quarrelsome emanate given what some in a village perspective as a intensity risks. Effectively, a tough flare would need all members of bitcoin’s manifold ecosystem to ascent their program in nearby unison, with a pragmatic risk that any groups could emanate dual versions of a bitcoin blockchain.

Still, fad for Wuille’s offer to equivocate a tough flare was offset by an equally embraced interest by Bloq owner and core developer Jeff Garzik for a bitcoin village to pursue a resolution that requires a tough fork, in

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