Has Bitcoin turn a new release money?

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When an Information Technology (IT) association in Mysuru recently became a aim of a ‘denial-of-service’ attack, a enemy demanded Bitcoins in lapse for pity a pivotal to revive a company’s mechanism systems.

The enemy demanded government Bitcoins — practical income by Bitcoin-dealing websites — in lapse for a key.

The management, whose work was pang on comment of a conflict as a mechanism network was taken to a workforce, eventually paid by Bitcoins, suggested H.S. Renukaradhya, Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Department, Mysuru.

He pronounced it would be probably unfit to snippet a customer of a Bitcoins, whose value ranges from $350 to 400 per Bitcoin.

“Asking for depositing income in a sold bank comment is now passé. The new-age hackers are perfectionist Bitcoins,” he said.

A few weeks ago, a private association in Mysuru complied with an email ask from a Japanese association with whom it was intent in business, and deposited Rs. 9 lakh into a bank comment in a U.K.

When a Mysuru-based association did not accept a shipment of steel fasteners for that it had done a payment, it called adult a Japanese company, that pronounced it had no record of a request

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