Has Startup Delphix Secretly Been Working on Blockchain Technology?

Society is evolving into a more data-centric organism, which means companies have a hard time to fill all of those needs in real-time.  Data virtualization companies are sprouting up like there is no tomorrow, and they are receiving quite a bit of funding as well from various investors.  Delphix is the latest startup in that market, and they recently raised an additional US$75m.

Delphix – Consolidating Data Into A Cloneable MasterfileDelphix Small

Most companies in the world are already on the brink of data processing capabilities.  Not just because there is so much data to be aggregated, stored and shared, but also because the technology of transferring files is a bottleneck.  Despite major technological improvements over the years, it still remains a tedious job to transfer large chunks of data.

Delphix is a startup company who claim to have cracked the code for making the sharing and transfer of large chunks of data much easier and faster.  In fact, the company claims to deliver data a hundred times faster compared to traditional transfer methods, which would be quite astonishing.

By providing data as a service, Delphix tackles an important hurdle that has plagued the business sector for years.  And there is a lot of faith in Delphix’s technology, too, as can be seen from their latest round of funding.  Considering the company has gone through four rounds of funding now, there seems to be a growing interest from investors and other participants.

Delphix’s first round of funding took place back in February of 2009, during which a total of US$8.5m was raised.  The most notable investors in that round are Lightspeed Venture Partners and Greylock Partners, both of whom have also participated in the second and latest round of funding.

Note from the Author: Greylock Partners also participated in the third round of funding, whereas Lightspeed Venture Partners did not.

With the latest round of funding, the total amount of money raised by Delphix stands at a massive US$119.5m.  And this latest round of funding attracted a lot of new faces, including names such as Kraft Group, Credit Suisse, Icon Ventures and Fidelity Management and Research Company.

Why Not Use Blockchain Technology To Achieve The Same Goal?

At this point, no details have been unveiled regarding Delphix’s technology, or how the company can back up their bold claims.  Assuming they have developed something in-house, the question is why they did not opt to use blockchain technology to achieve their goal.

So many companies are eyeing Bitcoin’s underlying technology for its unlimited potential, of which storage and transfer of data are just two examples.  In fact, the blockchain allows companies to share data in real-time, and any changes made will be recorded in the “history books” for all time in a transparent manner.

Delphix’s technology will – allegedly – allow companies to manage tons of data into one single master file.  This master file can then be virtually cloned over and over again to other servers or computers, without having to duplicate or move all the data involved.  In a way, this sounds a lot like a blockchain application, but it could be something else entirely as well.

Source: TechCrunch

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