HashingSpace Corporation To Be Traded on OTC Markets

The past few weeks have been quite busy for HashingSpace Corporation, one of the many US-based Bitcoin companies in existence today. Not only did HashingSpace Corporation complete a reverse merger, but they also changed their ticker to HSHS as part of the company’s growth strategy. What does it all mean? Let’s find out.

HashingSpace Corporation – Wide Range of Bitcoin Services

Most companies in the Bitcoin space are focusing their efforts on providing one service or product, rather than having their fingers in a bit of everything. Not so where HashingSpace Corporation is concerned, though, as this company offers a wide variety of Bitcoin services and products, including Bitcoin ATM’s and hosted ASIC mining.

To put this statement into perspective, the services offered by HashingSpace Corporation are quite varied in nature. Not only does this company allow customers to host ASIC mining hardware, but they also offer cloud mining servers and their own mining pool to the public.

But there is more to HashingSpace Corporation than that, as the company also focuses on other important aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem. By owning and operating various BTM machines around the world, as well as selling these

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