HashingSpace Corporation’s Fortress One Data Center Architects Revealed

Bitcoin companies all around the world have to stay vigilant and strike important partnerships to stay ahead of the competition.  Just a few weeks ago, HashingSpace Corporation announced their OTC trading, and now the company itself,  secured a strategic partnership for their Fortress One Data Center.

HashingSpace Corporation Goes Big For ArchitectureRoss  Baruzzini

Building and designing a data center is not an easy task, and there is a good reason why architectural companies get paid a lot of money for the job.  In the case of HashingSpace Corporation, the company secured services offered by Ross Baruzzini, as they specialize in mission critical facilities.  A perfect match for HashingSpace’s Fortress One Data Center.

The name Ross Baruzzini is known throughout the world for taking on some of the most challenging and ambitious engineering and architecture jobs on a global scale.  Their bread and butter is taking a fresh look at what a client wants to have designed, and focus on making everything as energy-efficient as possible.

Ross Baruzzini have built up a reputation by designing facilities with a few key elements in mind: long-term and high-performance solutions on a cost-effective,  energy efficient and easy-to-maintain basis.  Especially when it comes to Bitcoin ASIC mining data centers, all of those traits are more than welcome.

“The innovative Ross Baruzzini is just the company to design the most technologically advanced and energy efficient data center that the Bitcoin and blockchain services industry has ever witnessed.  Our customers and shareholders will be pleased to learn that they are part of a leading edge, energy efficient solution that is purpose built for the high-intensity requirements of Bitcoin mining and blockchain transactional verification.” – HashingSpace Corporation CEO Timothy Roberts told the media.

This strategic partnership between HashingSpace Corporation and Ross Baruzzini will allow the Fortress One Data Center to operate on a 24/7 basis, without sacrificing on efficiency.  That principle does not just apply to the mining hardware itself, but also plumbing, communications, electrical and mechanical systems.HashingSpace Corporation Small

The Future of Bitcoin Mining Data Centers To Change For Good?

Whether we want to admit it or not, the era of the “Bitcoin miner at home” is coming to an end at an accelerated pace.  With mounting electricity costs and struggles to achieve a ROI on hardware investment, the individual miner has almost no option but to stop mining altogether.  Yet the Bitcoin network still relies on miners to find blocks, confirm transactions and strengthen the network.

More and more Bitcoin companies who have something to do with Bitcoin mining are moving their services to data centers.  Electricity costs can be reduced significantly, and there are no noise/heat issues when machines are hashing away in a confined space.  HashingSpace Corporation’s Fortress One Data Center could become a prime example of how future Bitcoin mining data centers will look.

“Much has changed since we first collaborated with Tim Roberts who was the visionary for the design of advanced data centers in the late 1990’s in New York, San Francisco, and St. Louis.  Ross Baruzzini is embracing the latest advanced technologies in the design of this next generation, eco-friendly data center for high intensity hosting in Wenatchee, Washington to maximize efficiencies in data, power and cooling systems to support the HashingSpace mission.” – Ross Baruzzini Mission Critical Group Director Michael Shea concluded.

Source: Bitcoin PR Buzz

Images courtesy of HashingSpace Corporation, Ross Baruzzini