HashingSpace Plans to Build Fortress One Data Center in Washington

HashingSpace Corporation, a bitcoin ASIC mining and hosting firm, has announced today the creation of its Fortress One Data Center. The company sees the contribution to the worldwide adoption of bitcoin and blockchain as its key mission.

It offers wholesale of bitcoin mining servers and ATMs. Although it already owns a number of datacenters, the wish to expand doesn’t let it stop the development. A new center is planned to be designed at a state-of-the-art level.

The choice of architectural firm fell on Ross Baruzzini, US-based leading engineering and design company. It has been offering services of advanced construction for more than 60 years. Its sophisticated and innovative design projects imply integrated work of all building systems which enables peak operating efficiency.

Timothy Roberts, CEO at HashingSpace, explained the choice of Ross Baruzzini emphasizing a modern approach to construction services: “To accomplish the primary goal of our company, we needed a leading architectural and design firm to create the most efficient data center that has ever been built. The innovative Ross Baruzzini is just the company to design the most technologically advanced and energy efficient data center that the Bitcoin and blockchain services industry has ever witnessed.”

Michael Shea, director of Ross Baruzzini’s mission critical group, who started cooperating with Tim Roberts in the late 1990s, admits that technologies have pretty much changed since that time. Now they are eager to offer the best solution – maximum efficient and eco-friendly.

If you want to take a virtual tour to Fortress One Data Center, check the video above or go here.

HashingSpace admits to have a promising business plan where opening of Fortress One Data Center is another milestone. Overriding goal is to become a main provider of bitcoin solutions. The official website allows customers to start mining once the

Originally appeared at: http://www.coinspeaker.com/2015/08/06/hashingspace-washington-data-center-planned-for-2016/