HashPlex Exclusive Interview: Lightning Hub Open Source Release


HashPlex is a company that specializes in hosting miner services, allowing home miners access to industry standard electricity rates in order to stay competitive. While their main focus is indeed the mining aspect of Bitcoin, the people over at HashPlex understand the importance of the Bitcoin network, which is especially seen by the debut of their new open source lightning hub. I talked to Bernard Rihn, CEO and founder, as well as Jasper Hugunin, their leading Lightning Dev, over at HashPlex regarding the Lightning Network and Hubs.

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Can you briefly describe what is and how the lightning network works?

HashPlex Lightning Network HashPlex Lightning Network

Visual Representation of the Lightning Network; what sending/receiving payments could one day look like.

 In short, the Lightning Network is an extension of Bitcoin hub-and-spoke micropayment channels which supports better revocability and chaining of transactions through multiple hubs (allowing us to create a network of hubs). After initiating a single multi-signature on-chain “anchor” transaction with a hub, Lightning allows

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