Hashrate of Mining Pools Supporting Bitcoin Classic Reaches 51%

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Antpool, a bitcoin mining pool owned by heading bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain Technologies Ltd. has strictly noted a start of a prolongation of Bitcoin Classic blocks on Feb 16, 2016.

Bitmain’s Antpool is by distant a largest bitcoin mining pool in a industry, and controls over 26% of a Bitcoin network’s hashrate distribution. Hashrate is a measuring section used to guess a estimate energy of a Bitcoin network. Miners contingency beget an adequate turn of hashrate to find blocks of exchange on a network, to secure and encrypted payments. Currently, Antpool generates 289.6 petahashes per second, with a 478,683 workers.

The central support from Bitmain/Antpool totals a series of Bitcoin Classic miners to seven, including other vital bitcoin transaction estimate firms such as BitFury, BW, HAOBTC, KnCMiner, Genesis Miner and Avalon Miner. With BItFury, KnCMiner and BW determining 25% of a bitcoin mining pool marketplace share, essentially, a hashrate of mining pools ancillary Bitcoin Classic amounts to a towering 51%.