HeelCoin Interview

HeelCoin was recently interviewed by Women and Shoes Magazine here is a send of a interview.

Bitcoin is a digital banking that is changing a World of financial and reinventing commerce. There are an ever-growing collection of digital coins for all forms of interests and now a shred of a conform attention is removing a silver of it’s own: HeelCoin. HeelCoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to a shoes industry.

Similar in inlet to Bitcoin, though clearly separate, HeelCoin aims to be a cryptocurrency for a multi-billion dollar shoes industry. A new marketplace investigate news estimates a shoes marketplace will strech a gratefulness of US$211.5 billion by a finish of 2018. Transacting with usually 0.5% of that marketplace would give HeelCoin a marketplace top of over $1B.


What is your name and what do we do?

HeelCoin was combined by a organisation of developers and marketers who now wish to sojourn anonymous, that is common among cryptocurrency developers. Members of a organisation possess believe and knowledge of a shoes attention as good as cryptocurrency and finance.

How did HeelCoin come to be?

The HeelCoin judgment emerged after watching a many successes and failures that have occurred within both a shoes and cryptocurrency industries. The shoes industry

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