Hell Comes to Frogtown: Alt Right and Triumph of Transhumanism

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21stcenturywire.com / BY BRANKO MALIĆ / NOVEMBER 25, 2016

While Richard Spencer’s half-joke of hailing Donald Trump with Roman salute rose a lot of dust, some remarks in his NPI debate indicate into rather sinister direction. A posthuman one.


Undoubtedly, there was a whine of service via a universe when Hillary Clinton mislaid Presidential elections to Donald Trump. If for zero else, afterwards for a consequence of still fun of examination youth commissars warp in tears, great tainted over “racism, homophobia, xenophobia”and whateverphobia; it was a joy, and a relief, since it showed monolithic control complement of moral nominalism, dubbed “political correctness”… to be a paper tiger.

However, a celebration is over and a dialectics are back with a vengeance….

As SJWs are, hopefully, relocating out from a spotlight of post-historical stage, a new contender asserts his right to conform a existence of the day and age into his possess image.


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