Hell Comes to Frogtown: Alt Right and Triumph of Transhumanism


21stcenturywire.com / BY BRANKO MALIĆ / NOVEMBER 25, 2016

While Richard Spencer’s half-joke of hailing Donald Trump with Roman salute rose a lot of dust, some remarks in his NPI speech point into rather sinister direction. A posthuman one.


Undoubtedly, there was a sigh of relief throughout the world when Hillary Clinton lost Presidential elections to Donald Trump. If for nothing else, then for the sake of quiet joy of watching adolescent commissars melt in tears, crying foul over “racism, homophobia, xenophobia”and whateverphobia; it was a joy, and a relief, because it showed monolithic control system of moral nominalism, dubbed “political correctness”… to be a paper tiger.

However, the party is over and the dialectics are back with the vengeance….

As SJWs are, hopefully, moving out from the spotlight of post-historical stage, the new contender asserts his right to fashion the reality of our day and age into his own image.