Here’s How Bitcoin Can Save Media From Broken Adtech

Ashton Kutcher takes a selfie.Ashton Kutcher takes a selfie.

Exactly, Ashton. That’s pretty much all we need you to do.

People have gotten wise to online ads and started blocking them all over the world. “It’s been called the biggest boycott ever,” Bitcoin Strategy Group co-founder Victoria Van Eyk said during a panel on media and micropayments at the Blockchain+Digital Currencies conference today in Manhattan. She recently wrote a Medium post called “Ads Suck” in which she writes that lots of top publishers anticipate that ad blocking will reach 30 percent of internet users shortly.

Her co-panelist, Elissa Shevinsky, founder of a stealth mode startup, chimed in to add that ad networks have been used to serve malware to consumers from reputable sites. “I use an ad blocker not because I worry about seeing the ads—I can put up with that—I don’t want to get pwned,” she told the room.

It’s no joke.

Ad networks also track us all over the web. They bog down how pages load. They violate

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