Here’s How Bitcoin Can Save Media From Broken Adtech

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Ashton Kutcher takes a selfie.Ashton Kutcher takes a selfie.

Exactly, Ashton. That’s flattering most all we need we to do.

People have gotten correct to online ads and started restraint them all over a world. “It’s been called a biggest protest ever,” Bitcoin Strategy Group co-founder Victoria Van Eyk pronounced during a row on media and micropayments during a Blockchain+Digital Currencies discussion currently in Manhattan. She recently wrote a Medium post called “Ads Suck” in that she writes that lots of tip publishers expect that ad restraint will strech 30 percent of internet users shortly.

Her co-panelist, Elissa Shevinsky, owner of a secrecy mode startup, chimed in to supplement that ad networks have been used to offer malware to consumers from creditable sites. “I use an ad blocker not since we worry about saying a ads—I can put adult with that—I don’t wish to get pwned,” she told a room.

It’s no joke.

Ad networks also track us all over a web. They swamp down how pages load. They violate

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