Here’s one easy way to get exposure to bitcoin ahead of the Winklevoss ETF

Interested in some investment exposure to bitcoin but too impatient to wait for the Winklevoss twins to get regulatory approval for their first-of-its-kind Bitcoin Trustexchange-traded fund?

There’s at least one way for investors to get a piece of cryptocurrencies and the even newer concept of blockchain, the shared payments database underpinning digital currencies. Although no ETF or mutual fund currently offers direct exposure to bitcoin—a decentralized digital payment system whose value fluctuates, sometimes wildly, like a traded security or a conventional currency—some small firms are providing a taste of indirect exposure through the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT).

Two actively managed ETFs from ARK Invest include the trust as a holding: the ARK Web x.0 ETF

ARKW, +0.73%

and the ARK Innovation

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