Here’s some tips for using Signal as safely as possible

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about how Signal was one of the better encrypted messaging applications for mobile devices. In the article, it was mentioned that no matter how secure you think your platform is – there’s always a weak link. More often than not, user error plays a major key in how weak that link is. An article was published by The Intercept_ yesterday that points out a few extra steps one can take to further protect themselves while using Signal. I’ll run through their list briefly. This list is fairly straightforward, and if you’re not a newcomer to operation security or the ins-and-outs of Signal, this write-up probably won’t provide too much insight.


If you’re on Android:

  • Set a passcode. No need to go into detail on this one. You all know how to set passcodes. The Intercept_ has a great bit on Touch ID/fingerprint sensors that I’ll stick at the bottom of the article, but I would completely avoid using patterns or four digit pin-codes.
  • Encrypt your phone’s storage. It’s default on iOS, but it’s a lot easier

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