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Before 21 Inc. had even put out a product, it had lifted $121 million in try funding—the many of any bitcoin company. It was unclear, for months, what 21 would indeed do or make. But some of a biggest names in fintech funding, including Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, and a Winklevoss brothers, were meddlesome adequate to invest.

Then things started to pierce really quickly. In February, 21 expelled a initial product—and it was hardware, a monument among bitcoin companies. It was a 21 bitcoin computer, that allows for mining a cryptocurrency as good as building applications on tip of a bitcoin blockchain, a open-source, decentralized bill that underlies bitcoin.

The computer, that runs on Raspberry Pi (a small, single-board programming mechanism launched in 2012), sells for $400 and is about a length of an iPhone. It captivated a lot of hum and courtesy in a bitcoin world.

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.The bitcoin computer

The bitcoin computer

Last week,

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