HitBTC launches Ardor, redistributes ARDR between NXT holders

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October 13, 2016 HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for the freshly launched digital asset – Ardor. The new ARDR to BTC market is already open for trading on the HitBTC exchange.

Upon the idea of the Nxt development team, Ardor tokens will be distributed among NXT holders proportionally to their average NXT balances from July, 14 to October, 13, in 1:1 ratio. Due to the solid reputation of the Nxt technology and team, and having NXT/BTC market listed, HitBTC decided to support the initial ARDR distribution: The exchange will pass received ARDR coins on the accounts of its users, proportionally to the amount of NXT each HitBTC user holds. Paul Clarkson, product manager at HitBTC, says “Nxt has a great technology, reputed team, and tons of followers. The redistribution of Ardor tokens is our way to support the Nxt revolution, and we’re more than glad to do so. We reached out to the Nxt team beforehand to find out how to implement everything correctly, and it was a pleasure to cooperate with them.”

What is Ardor?

Ardor is a new blockchain platform, built on the Nxt technology by the Nxt core developers. Ardor is also called NXT 2.0, as it expands capabilities of

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