Hive Wallet Is Officially Unsupported

The Bitcoin wallet Hive is no longer being actively developed. In fact, the creator says that the wallet hasn’t had much development in “over a year.” Users are told by the wallet’s founder to move their active seeds over to a compatible wallet provider such as Bread Wallet or Mycelium.

Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis:

We’re out of operating capital and have been for quite a while, so no one has really been working on Hive for over a year. By that measure, Hive certainly failed as a company, though there is a glimmer of hope.”

Davis added that he’s sorry he didn’t inform people earlier. The first issue brought to the public via r/bitcoin forums was by a user having trouble logging in to his wallet. The user then went to Hives webpage, which he describes as acting somewhat quirky, but still operating as Hives servers are still live.

Hive Wallet Founder, Wendell Davis

He contacted the creator and was told that the wallet was not being developed after being able to fix the situation himself. Additionally, this user was the first person

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