Hive Wallet No Longer Maintained, Bitcoin Users Advised to Migrate

Every once in a while, the Bitcoin ecosystem is faced with a major curveball that no one saw coming.  One of the most popular Bitcoin wallet solutions, called Hive Wallet is no longer being developed or maintained.  To be more precise, there hasn’t been much growth going on over the past year or so, according to the developer.  All Hive Wallet users are advised to do, is to move over funds to a  different Bitcoin wallet solution, such as Mycelium or Breadwallet.

Finances Are the Downfall of Hive WalletHive Wallet Small

Most Bitcoin developers create a project as a hobby, to see what they are capable of in terms of coding, as well as looking at ways to support the Bitcoin ecosystem.  As a result, there are dozens of Bitcoin wallets in existence, most of which can be operated on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

But in the case of Hive Wallet, the overwhelming success of this project led to this mobile application being one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets in history.  Developing and maintaining the Hive Wallet app quickly became a full-time job for Hive Wallet Founder Wendell Davis.  But

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