Hola Venezuela, The Government is Lying About Bitcoin!

Hola Venezolana de Television, you have got the whole thing wrong about Bitcoin! The Government of Venezuela’s propaganda machine.

Venezolana de Television is a public television network administered by the country’s Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information. This state-run organization has recently run an article against bitcoin. This article seems to be part of the government’s well-orchestrated agenda to discourage the use of Bitcoin in the country.

The rising popularity of Bitcoin among the Venezuelan population has got the government worried. It is no secret that the Venezuelan economy is in tatters, thanks to the not so popular efforts of the Popular Power in the region. The country’s economy is currently suffering from high inflation, and also it is dependent solely on the petroleum industry. When the government is clueless about getting the things right, the people have no other option but to either create a new government by voting or look at the other alternatives where the government is not involved.

In an ideal world, if the country is democratic then people should be able to overthrow the government and vote for a new one. Sadly, it is neither an ideal world nor Venezuela a democracy.

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