HolyTransaction Integrates Tether and Targets Telegram Users

Two of the more interesting developments in the Bitcoin ecosystem over the past year, come in the form of using Bitcoin on popular social messaging platform Telegram and the launch of Tether.  Both projects are distinctly different from one another, but there are companies looking to combine the power of both.  HolyTransaction is one of those companies, as their new HolyTransaction Bot supports both Telegram and Tether.

Making HolyTransaction Bot Available to Telegram and GetGems UsersTelegram

The first major development announced by HolyTransaction mentions the platform’s online bot, which can now be accessed by users of either Telegram or GetGems Messenger.  As mentioned in previous articles, GetGems Messenger is built on top of the Telegram codebase, making both platforms interoperable with one another.

HolyTransaction Bot’s main purpose will allow users of either Telegram or GetGems messenger to execute virtual currency trades without leaving the users’ platform.  No longer will these users need to open separate browser windows or applications to complete Bitcoin trades, as everything can be done through the HolyTransaction Bot.

But there is more, as this online bot will also present users with the latest exchange rates and virtual currency news.  Similar to how the trades will be executed within the chat application ecosystem, all of the other HolyTransaction Bot features will be available without having to leave the chat environment.

Regardless of whether the end user has access to a strong and reliable internet connection, HolyTransaction bot is far more “data friendly” compared to other solutions on the market today.  To top it all off, HolyTransaction Bot is available to both mobile and desktop users and can be accessed by sending a message on either platform to @HolyTransactionBot.

Aspiring developers who want to integrate some of HolyTransaction’s functionality into their own project can do so by taking a look at the company’s new API.  It is important to note that integrating HolyTransaction into a platform, will include support for multiple virtual currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Tether.

Tether Support Now Available on HolyTransactionTether

Tether has been a hot topic in recent months, as their project ties fiat currency value to virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.  Now that Tether support has been integrated into the HolyTransaction platform, users can convert between all supported currencies freely, without any hassle.

Unlike most virtual currency projects, Tether is not built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain directly, but rather uses the Omni Layer.  Tether’s platform is backed one-to-one with fiat currency held in the company’s reserves.  To put this statement into perspective: one TetherUSD is worth 1 USD, with this value never changing.

The main reason why Tether has been launched earlier this year is to take volatility out of the equation completely.  Bitcoin is often criticised for volatile price swings, which is part of the reason why mainstream adoption of virtual currency is still far away.  A project such as Tether, which removes price volatility completely can help boost virtual currency awareness around the world.  Plus, Tethers can be stored in any Bitcoin wallet, offering virtual currency security to fiat currency, owners.

Source: HolyTransaction Blog

Images courtesy of HolyTransaction, Telegram, Tether