Hong Kong Politicians Accept Bitcoin to Fund Court Appeal

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In order to continue their fight for democracy, two Hong Kong politicians are accepting bitcoin donations. Leung Chung-Hang and Yau Wai-Ching were disqualified by the High Court over their oath-taking debacle last month, but plan to appeal.

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The duo are not giving up their quest for democratic rights — at least not without a fight. They are seeking funds to appeal for the resumption of their seats for their political party called ‘Youngspiration’.

“Hong Kong Is Not China”

Hong Kong China Democracy Protest AppealYau and Leung are advocates who have called for a ‘complete split‘ away from mainland China. Prior to taking their seats in parliament, the duo trotted out flags that stated “Hong Kong is not China” during their oath-taking session.

The action enraged officials in Beijing, and allegedly led Hong Kong’s Chief Executive to “throw in

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