Hornet: High-Speed Protocol for a Fully-Encrypted & Anonymous Internet

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the Internet allowed you to use it in total security? If you are a person who loves things like freedom and liberty, or if you are a political activist looking to avoid persecution for expressing your beliefs, it might be more desirable than ever today. It seems the list of entities looking to spy on you, usually illegally, is growing on a daily basis.

What if Internet spies were no longer a problem because the Internet itself were encrypted to protect user’s privacy? You’re not alone in wondering how to make that happen, and it may now come to pass in the not-too-distant future under the name of HORNET.

Tor’s Faster, Younger Brother

Many people are familiar with the “Onion browser” called Tor. Uses by over two million people daily, Tor has been helping people use the Internet in a more secure and less compromised fashion since 2002. If you want maximum security for your surfing activities and information, Tor is your best play, to this point.

However, the problem with Tor is its speed, or the lack of it. It is generally slower than the going

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