Hot Events On The 2016 Bitcoin Agenda

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been always supported by a strong community. The Bitcoin community, which started as a small group of people, has now expanded to include about 5 million people across the world. In order for any community to “tick” efficiently, it is necessary to have frequent gatherings, get-together’s and events. During such events, the whole community, or at least the important members of the community, meet and interact at one place. It helps build a feeling of mutual trust among the community members and strengthening the collective. These events also help in expanding the community further by adding new people into it.

Bitcoin events are such gatherings where people from the Bitcoin core community, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, users and curious onlookers gather. These events can be classified as tech conferences where the topic of mutual interest is Bitcoin tech, business and future of the cryptocurrency. Being a truly global community, these Bitcoin related events are frequently organized across the globe. With the new year just a month away, we decided to review the most important bitcoin events in 2016, which one should consider attending.

Bitcoin Wednesday Conference | 6 Jan, 2016

Most of the Bitcoin community members from the

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