House Party Protocol – remote evidence wiper program

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Implementing this will make you feel that fuzzy feeling of being extra safe. House Party Protocol is a program that you control remotely and when activated, it encrypts all confidential data on your computer. It’s a life saver in case of police seizure or theft by criminals.

One might suggest deleting instead of encrypting those files, but the encryption is actually safer. This is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but you will probably find all answers on this topic here. Extra point goes to encrypting for being the same for every system while irreversibly deleting files is system and hard drive dependent.

The name was inspired by a scene from Iron Man 3 movie in which Tony Stark activates the “House Party Protocol” when his house is destroyed. A guy named Utku Sen wrote 2 versions

and uploaded them to github:

python version (recommended and featured in this tutorial)

C# version

How it works?

There are 3 files in the process: – Python program that reads an uploaded text file (command.txt) every 60 seconds (adjustable) to check for the start command. If the permission is given, the “party” starts which means the program encrypts all files in chosen location with AES algorithm with

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