Houston Man Arrested After Attempting To Purchase Explosives On AlphaBay

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In Houston, a 50-year-old man was arrested for attempting to purchase explosives from the deepweb, federal prosecutors announced. The accused Cary Lee Ogborn, as it turns out, was unknowingly in contact with an undercover agent the entire time.

According to the criminal complaint, Ogborn attempted to find and purchase explosives on AlphaBay in early August 2016. The FBI looked into the illegal activity and discovered an anonymous user searching for explosive materials and devices. The complaint specifies the AlphaBay user specifically wanted wireless transmitters, dynamite and fragmentation grenades.

An Online Covert Employee (OCE) logged into a vendor account in late August. Once in the vendor account, the OCE reported receiving an unsolicited message from AlphaBay user “boatmanstv.” The message was titled “wireless detonator?” Following this initial message on August 21, Ogborn (boatmanstv) and the FBI OCE were in contact throughout the entire transaction.

Boatmanstv explained to the OCE that he needed several explosive components that could be shipped to Houston. Materials were needed to cause the explosion of a 20ft by 40ft wooden building he described as an apartment. In the first message, boatmanstv asked the undercover agent for a wireless transmitter with a detonator. “Everything I need to set of

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