How a Bitcoin ATM Promotes Mixed Martial Arts in a Las Vegas Gym

Bellator fighter Mark Tricky Dickman likes the bitcoin ATM at One Kick Nick's in Las Vegas.

Bellator fighter Mark “Tricky” Dickman likes the bitcoin ATM at One Kick Nick’s in Las Vegas.

Mixed martial arts students in Las Vegas can now pay for their training in bitcoin if they so choose. They can also buy bitcoin at One Kick Nick’s Mixed Martial Arts Gym which now has a bitcoin ATM. The popular Las Vegas gym recently installed a bitcoin ATM to meet the growing interest in bitcoin among the youthful, tech-savvy mixed martial arts community. Bitcoin Direct LLC, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company, mounted the General Bytes ATM on a wall in plain view of visitors and students.

Patrons can buy bitcoins from the unidirectional ATM with cash or by using their smart phones and the QR code. The ATM, made in Prague, Czechoslovakia, distributes bitcoin from wallets and bitcoin exchanges.

A Way to Promote MMA Fighters

Gym owner Nick Blomgren sees bitcoin

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