How Accurate is Kaiko’s Bitcoin Price Index?

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Price has been Bitcoin’s hot topic these past weeks, shooting to levels some are calling all-time highs but falling back before making a moonshot. But just how accurate is Kaiko’s Bitcoin Price Index at tracking these movements?

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This is information you need to know if your business deals with interactions between bitcoin and the fiat currency world. If you run a company where you must hedge against price volatility, examining trends is even more vital.

That is what Kaiko does best. Our brand-new Bitcoin and Ethereum Market Report is on sale now, with all the data.

Kaiko Bitcoin Price Indices

We’ve been publishing Kaiko’s Bitcoin Price Indices since March to give Bitcoiners a more realistic indication of the prices they’re paying (and should be paying) for bitcoin. Now, our Bitcoin and Ethereum Market Report shows how those indices have performed in the first half of 2016.

Kaiko launched four price indices – one for each of bitcoin’s three main trading currencies (USD, CNY, EUR) plus a whole-world index in USD – after a year of testing.

Other indices have claimed to show the ‘true’ value of bitcoin, but the Kaiko team felt their methodologies did

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