How Bitcoin Is Undermining Socialism in Latin America – Hit & Run …

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“People are driven by their self-interest [which is why] they’re always going to use a best apparatus [at their disposal],” says bitcoin businessman Rodrigo Souza. “And that’s because we consider record is going to expostulate us to a freer society.”

Souza has played an critical purpose in a flourishing recognition of bitcoin in Latin America. In further to being an outspoken libertarian and a renouned YouTube personality, he’s a owner and CEO of BlinkTrade, that operates a largest bitcoin exchanges in Vietnam, Pakistan, Venezuela, Brazil, and a second largest in Chile.

In a U.S., bitcoin is used especially by libertarians and tech geeks, but, as Souza explains, it’s throwing on in Latin America only for unsentimental reasons. Venezuelans are regulating bitcoins to buy food and medicine from abroad, routing around a supervision collateral controls that make it probably unfit to spend government-issued bolivars outward a country. In Brazil, bitcoin users are evading tariffs that can run as high as 60 percent.

In the latest podcast, Souza and we plead how bitcoin is being used in Venezuela and Brazil, Souza’s personal knowledge with acceleration in Latin America, his libertarianism, and more.

Souza is also featured in my new article, “The Secret,

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