How Bitcoin Startups Can Survive the End of the Unicorn Era

John Biggs is a New York-based writer and editor. After spending years as a programmer, Biggs decided to become a full-time journalist. His work has appeared in publications such as the New York Times, Gizmodo and Men’s Health.

Biggs is currently an editor for TechCrunch and the CEO of bitcoin stealth startup Freemit. In this piece, he talks about the challenges of raising funding for bitcoin and blockchain ventures in the current environment.

man, flood, disaster

To read the many, many excellent (and often elementary) posts about the developing ‘uni-pocalyse’, you would assume that VCs have decided to double-up their fleece vests and hole up in Montana.

This fear is largely untrue, especially when it comes to FinTech funding.

First, remember that PayPal launched in a down year. Carry that bit of information like a talisman against the darkness: in slow economic times it’s the folks who save consumers money or enable small transactions without friction that come away winners. This is important. Help people when they need it most and they will thank you.

Second, remember that VCs made a lot of goofy bets. Like really goofy. Check out TechCrunch

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