How Bitcoin will pound Donald Trump’s Mexican remittance wall

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Last week, presidential claimant Donald Trump suggested his devise for appropriation a wall that he wants to build on a limit between Mexico and a southern United States. How would he beget a billions of dollars to erect it? He has a elementary plan: retard a upsurge of remittance supports from United States to Mexico. Cutting off that apparatus would enforce a Mexican supervision into similar to compensate for a a wall, that has a reported cost of $10 – 12 billion dollars.

Trump’s devise is woefully ignorant of what remittance is, how it works, and because it is so important. Millions of Mexicans vital in a United States work and save their income so they can send it to their families who still live in Mexico. This is called remittance and it is estimated that over $24 billion dollars per year flows from a US to Mexico.

In a energetic blog post to accompany a latest print campaign, eco-friendly Bitcoin mining association Genesis Mining illusory what would occur if Trump succeeds in removing his devise authorized and Mexicans in a US could no longer send income home to support their families. Companies like Western Union, MoneyGram, and Xoom are all forced

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