How Developers Are Responding to Ethereum’s Unexpected Fork

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An unintentional split of the network was the latest event to shake ethereum.

By now, you might have heard the back-and-forth about so-called hard forks, a particularly contentious way to update a public blockchain. Some view it as a sometimes necessary means to update the network, while others see it as less than desirable path because it breaks consensus and everyone on the network needs to update to a new blockchain in order to participate.

Ethereum has hard forked three times over the past few months to fix technical issues. But the latest fork was different, because it wasn’t executed on purpose.

At issue is that ethereum has different implementations of the protocol to process transactions on the network in sync. The two most popular, Geth and Parity, implemented the code for the last technical hard fork slightly differently, leading to a Thanksgiving fork.

One consequence is that the ether price dipped to the lowest point it’s been at since April, or before The DAO crisis, according to ethereum’s event timeline. Petar Zivkovski, director of operations for leveraged bitcoin trading platform Whaleclub, went as far as to call these recent challenges a “crisis of identity.”

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