How Does CoinTelegraph Do Their Artwork?

You must have at least wondered once “How does CoinTelegraph do their artwork?”

Surely it’s not just the Bitcoin’s sub-redditers asking. We sure get asked this a lot: think CoinTelegraph, think illustrations.

So we decided to interview CoinTelegraph’s head illustrator Dennis Spaans and find out a little about more about the +3500 drawings made so far about the colorful, dramatic and innovative world of fintech and crypto-currencies.

CoinTelegraph: Hi Dennis! Ok, let’s get straight to the point: how do you make all these drawings for CoinTelegraph?

Dennis Spaans: Not much is needed to create a CoinTelegraph style drawing. A computer, drawing pad, which in my case is the Wacom Intuos 4, a mobile phone’s camera, and a couple of good ideas, and I’m set.

CT: Does anyone else help you with the drawing or is it just you?

DS: I would not be able to handle this workload by myself. We have a team of artists with whom we discuss each article and select the best idea to be put on the electronic canvas.

CT: Where do you get yours ideas and inspirations from?

DS: Usually, the inspiration comes during the drawing process itself when deciding what type of stroke to use, how to draw a particular line

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