How fast can LE prep a controlled delivery?

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Today, we’re going to look at the operational details of something many DNM buyers dread – the controlled delivery or warrant service. “Its been X days since I ordered something heavy, do you think I’m gonna get a controlled delivery?”

This is not an all-inclusive tale by any stretch, it doesn’t touch on the US at all, it concentrates on Australia – for the simple fact that they’ve been kind enough to tell us, in graphic, precise details, often with photos, all about how they do business – what they find, how its concealed, its all their. Big shout out to the Australian Border Force (the new name for Australian Customs and Border Protection’s recent merger with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship) for providing the majority of the source information on this article. Let’s get on with a few select case studies.
In October of 2014, the clever kids at Australian Customs managed to pick up seven kilos of meth concealed in printer toner cartridges, as it entered the country. If you, dear reader, didn’t already know, toner is pretty hard for x-rays scanners, like those used by Customs around the world, to penetrate reliably. Based on folk

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