How Innovation in Crypto-Crowdfunding is Empowering Micro Investors

It seems that every other week there is news of a crowd-sale for the latest startup, cryptocurrency or project. In a crowded marketplace, businesses are developing innovative features to differentiate their offers from the rest, and attract the investment vital to their success.

Some of the rapid innovation in this space is even encouraging regular users to become stakeholders, while showing the potential investor that the product is less likely to drop in value immediately following the ICO (Initial Crowdfunding/Crypto/Coin Offering).

Inherent Value of In-system Tokens

One option is to provide an inherent value to the investment, by offering a product which will be used as an in-system token when the product launches. This then becomes more than a simple investment which can be bought and sold, as the resource will be required to spend within the ecosystem on launch.

Ethereum investors bought US$18.4M worth of the “crypofuel” Ether, which will be essential for operating the decentralised application platform when it launches. Anyone wanting to use the platform will need to obtain Ether, creating demand for the resource outside of purely investment spheres.

Similarly, Maidsafe sold US$7M worth of their MaidSafeCoins in 5

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