How Long Will Bitcoin’s Price Boom Stick?

Is bitcoin making a comeback?

Oh, if we had a bitcoin for every time we’ve heard that question.

Actually, that would be pretty difficult to calculate how much we’d actually have in real dollars since its price trend is so volatile.

Every time bitcoin shoots above the $500 mark, the digital currency world starts buzzing about why bitcoin is here to stay and why it’s going to shoot above the $600 mark soon. And every time, bitcoin’s price dips back, and it gets denounced again.

For now, bitcoin is basking in its 21-month high price.

Now don’t get us wrong, bitcoin is trending at more than double what it was on June 3 last year ($225.65), but getting to the $530 mark doesn’t mean bitcoin has its groove back.

To be precise, $536.75 was bitcoin’s price yesterday afternoon.

But details aside, let’s not forget that this pales in comparison to bitcoin’s prime-time price of $1,242 on Nov. 29, 2013. While that

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