How Police Infiltrated a Darknet Forum to Hunt Down Pedophiles

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In 2015, we wrote about how a taskforce known as Argos, started focusing on hunting down pedophiles on the deepweb. Argos was not entirely composed of police officers – among the employed were IT specialists, hackers, and detectives. The agents had had to see thousands and thousands of what the head of Argos, Jon Rouse, describes as absolutely unbelievable, horrifying imagery and videos. But their prevalence ended up paying off, as they ended up secretly running one of the largest pedophilia networks on the internet and catching Britain’s worst ever pedophile ever.

In a special report from The Guardian, Jon Rouse describes that once they took down a pedophile that had been in Argos’s sights for a while, they took over his account on the darknet pedophilia forum in question. They took it over as if nothing had ever happened, with nobody the wiser. From there, police realized the forum was run just like any other company or business – it had intricate hierarchy – and senior members took control of single groups or boards. At the top, Rouse says, was a man who was “effectively the CEO.” He notably started his messages with “hiyas.”

Richard Huckle, known

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