How Scandinavia’s Biggest Vendor Created His Empire On Valhalla

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Douppikauppa is Scandinavia’s biggest darknet vendor who has been selling on Valhalla since 2013. He gave a rare and intimate interview to Arman Alizad for Arman’s new book, telling how he created his darknet empire from nothing. Arman is an international media celebrity best known for his TV series “Kill Arman” which has aired in over 100 countries. The interview was exclusively translated for DeepDotWeb.



Arman: Tell me about your background.

DK: I am 30 years old with a university background. I earn well in my legal day job, so money has never been an issue.

Arman: What was your attitude towards drugs before?

DK: Using drugs back then was unordinary and hidden, and I didn’t spend time with people who did drugs. For long I thought that I don’t want to mess up my head with drugs, although I fully accepted doing it, if someone chose to do so. Only after becoming an adult my friend made me familiar with LSD. After trying it once I couldn’t help but be amazed at how wrong the drug education I received at school was. The substance wasn’t

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