How The Deepweb has Shifted Away From The Politics That Created it

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In 2011, the Silk Road was made open to the public as the first darknet market, and unlike the markets today, the user-base described the community as a family of like-minded individuals. Users all around the world met up with more in common than the desire to buy drugs. Dread Pirate Roberts, the founder of the original Silk Road, created the market with a goal in mind; he wanted a “monumental shift in the power structure of the world,” he tells forbes.

Dread Pirate Roberts articulated libertarian political motives for his ventures. Previous research argues that there is a significant political component present or involved in cryptomarket drug dealing which is specifically libertarian.

With the Silk Road long gone and DPR serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, the entire focus of marketplaces and forums on the deepweb has shifted away from what it once was. I’m not trying to assert that the darknet markets were ever just a movement or a place for people to oppose the law in a new way. Vendors were always trying to make money. Nobody would have contributed if it was simply a political statement. What I’m trying to put forth is

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