How the Man who Introduced Silicon Valley to Bitcoin First Discovered It


 Xapo CEO Wences Casares has been one of Bitcoin’s strongest supporters since 2011, but not many people have heard the story of how he originally got into this new form of digital money.

 The Argentinian-born entrepreneur has been able to create one of the most well-capitalized companies in the space, and he was able to mystify the likes of Dick Costolo, Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman and other Silicon Valley giants by transferring roughly $250,000 worth of bitcoin between multiple smartphones within a matter of minutes. But what led Casares to Bitcoin in the first place?

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Trying to Send Money to Friends in Argentina

Unlike many of the Bitcoin proponents who talk about how the digital money is going to change the world without having their own, personal need for it, Casares came across Bitcoin while attempting to send money to childhood friends in Argentina. The Xapo CEO explained the process of finding out about Bitcoin on a recent episode of EconTalk:

“I first learned about Bitcoin in

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