How a Verge Totally Misrepresented a DAO, and Bitcoin

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Verge DAOVerge DAO

According to The Verge’s Russell Brandom, The new conflict on the DAO is somehow associated to a past failings of Bitcoin.

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Ethereum DAO

Ethereum DAOThat’s right: your eyes are not personification tricks on you, we guarantee that we review that correctly.

I’ve seen my share of tinfoil-hatting on a theme of cryptocurrency and security, though Brandom’s conflation of these dual totally opposite technologies takes a cake. The perfect stupidity compulsory to put coop to paper and excrete a work like his new essay on a theme is astounding, though apparently achievable, as he so straightforwardly demonstrates.

For those  of we that aren’t lustful of ancillary a widespread of FUD by ad revenue, I’ve gathered a few highlights:

“To know how this could have happened, it’s required to know a small bit about how Ethereum works. The complement is built on a same blockchain that powers Bitcoin.”

Indeed. ETH uses SHA256 formed proof-of-work, all ETH exchange are logged transparently

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