How to Build Your Bitcoin Community: ‘The Elevator Pitch’

When people I know, or don’t know, ask me about work or what I do, I tell them that I write about Bitcoin, or I teach people about Bitcoin, or I invest in Bitcoin. That gets me at least a minute of genuine interest and curiosity. Let’s presume you don’t know this person very well, as only a passing acquaintance, like someone you may spend time in an elevator with. This is where something in sales called “The Elevator Pitch” comes in handy.

Someone you know as “Derrick” on your floor, either at work or in your apartment building, comes into the elevator, or runs into you in passing. You know you’ll be spending the next 30-45 seconds or so with Derrick, and he says “Hey, Joe, how’s it going?” If you’d like to introduce Derrick to Bitcoin, you can tease him with “The Elevator Pitch” and the conversation can go like this (Feel free to tweak this to work in your situation).

“Hey, Joseph, how’s it going?”

“Oh, things are just great, Derrick. I just invested in some more bitcoin and values are on the rise. Just paid for my coffee with bitcoin.”

“Oh? Yeah, I’ve

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